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Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Knoxville, TN

Car accidents are scary enough, but when you’re in an accident with a heavy semi-truck, the damages and danger are increased tenfold. If you’ve been in an accident involving a semi-truck, you need the help of a professional semi-truck accident attorney, and the Law Office of Troy B. Jones is here to help. We serve the residents of Knoxville, TN, so contact us today.

Why Hire a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?


Semi-trucks are large and heavy, and they can do a lot of damage to you and your vehicle, especially if you’re on the freeway. After an accident, you may face large hospital or mechanic bills that you can’t pay on your own. That’s where we come in. When you hire a semi-truck accident lawyer from us, you get:

  • Our experience: We have years of experience handling car accident cases, so we know the rules and regulations surrounding semi-trucks and truck drivers in Knoxville, TN. With this knowledge, we help you build the best case possible and gain the most compensation.

  • Our convenience: Because of our experience, you can simply sit back and focus on healing while we do all of the heavy lifting for you. We’ll interview witnesses and professionals, fill out paperwork, and prepare everything for your case.


If your truck accident case is going to trial, trust the Law Office of Troy B. Jones to help you through the court system. We’ll be with you through each step of the process, and we’ll make sure your best interests are represented.

Why Choose Us?


Here at the Law Office of Troy B. Jones, we pride ourselves on our personal customer service. When you come in to talk with us, you talk to Troy, not an assistant or staff member. He will offer your personalized help and professional services to make the trial process as stress-free as possible.

Get a new level of personal help by calling us at (865) 456-5901 for a free consultation.

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